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How use

Create bus from string

Command example

Handler example



The above config describes handler and one repeated operation.

  • subscriptionEndpoint = queue name that the handler subscribes to
  • useExchange - if this parameter is set, Exchange is created with the full name of the type
  • degreeOfParallelism - how many handler instances will be run
  • retry - if an error occurs, the message is thrown to the end of the queue
  • routingKey - additional parameter
  • prefetchCount - utilize prefetch count for consumer
  • retryCount - how many time try to retry, if not set is infinite
  • type - the type of handler that must be registered in Container
  • name - just alias, to create logical units, you can't have 2 identical names in the same service
  • service is logical unit can be as many as you want
  • you can also pass other additional parameters to the handler and get them from ISettings

  • command is another type of handler, a recurring operation that has the following parameters

  • period this is the service execution period
  • isConcurrentMode can I start a new thread if the old operation has not completed yet